What to Expect

London Sunrise

The following is a short summary of what you can expect to experience during one of our weekend workshops. The exact schedule for the weekend can be found and downloaded here.

Day One

We understand the important of approaching any subject with an open mind. As the saying goes: “Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open.” Because of this, the first fifteen minutes of day one, are used as an introduction to breath awareness and mindfulness.

Next we begin to gain understanding of the learning process. This is helped with a group exercise highlighting models, beliefs and patterns of the mind. How our minds link and connect our understandings of the world is touched on at this point.

When it comes to life, and how we learn about worldly matters, these lessons originate from many sources. By clearing away much of the clutter, form these learnings, we get a clear sense of how we can improve our lives and relationships. A new model is introduced at this stage.

After a short break we now begin to understand the power and purpose of our will. The downside and upside of our willpower is discussed at this point. We now begin to understand how to use it more wisely, with greater awareness, in the future.

Next we come to the important stage of discussing linguistics and the power of words. “The words that we use mean more than we mean in using them” and so we must use them wisely. A word is like the arrow from a bow, once released there’s no retraction. Phenomenon such as Freudian slip (parapraxis) is also explained here. This highlights how using language more wisely is an important part of our development. Confidence and self-esteem is reflected through the use of language, as such, the increased awareness of our language patterns, helps change our internal world.


Post lunch there is now continuation of how we gain power through using linguistics carefully. Love and fear are also things that are clearly reflected through words. For example, if we said: “Love, whatever that is” we’d be playing a game of fear. Language gives or takes our power.

Increased awareness of how we play games through our language, and what emotions are reflected there, also helps us gain greater understanding of where others are coming from.

Before the mid-afternoon break, we begin to get into more detailed debate on love. Discussed, are the things we must have clear  understandings of, if we’re to get the most from our relationships.

Refreshed we now begin to understand the power and importance of appropriate boundaries. At this stage we also explain, through practical demonstration, how independence and interdependence – as opposed to codependence – add beauty to our relationships.    

Day Two 

The following morning, rested and ready for more, we now begin to gain greater understanding of our minds. When we know how our minds do what they do, we have increased awareness, and greater control.  

Before the mid-morning break, practical exercises are used, to help define our understanding of the mechanism of our minds. Learning – through visual aids – how our thoughts and beliefs link and connect, through the neurological pathways of our mind, helps us to connect the dots in our own lives.

What to Expect

After the break you will now be introduced to the modern and powerful thinking tool of GOLD Counselling: Analytical and Creative Transformation. First introduced as a tool for analytical therapists its uses have now expanded into the field of Personal Development. The ability to discover the origin of our beliefs, and then question their validity today, is unique to our workshops. It will prove an invaluable tool for your increased self-awareness and development.

To advance we must now discuss our goals, purpose and intended futures. Attitude and motivation is essential.

After lunch we begin to get into the bones of the GOLD Technique. In order to do this, we now have a practical afternoon ahead of us, where we use pens, paper, coloured filters, and all manner of aids, to help us gain fabulous realisations.

Having visual representation of what’s going on inside our minds, in terms of the generalisations of our beliefs, is now introduced. The mind is our map and the map is our territory. Knowing how to create these maps, and work out how to consciously alter them, is demonstrated at this stage of the day.

On a practical level, how to creatively instill empowering and positive beliefs, is now experienced.  


As you might expect there is of course a more relaxed and social mid-afternoon tea break. After this, a quiet moment of contemplation and meditation, is experienced.

To close the day, and the weekend, we now emphasise the importance of how to use your newfound knowledge wisely. To sign and agree to a contract with our future selves is just one way to succeed at our goals and intentions.