Are YOU Ready?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try and make things work, it just never seems to come together. It may seem a little esoteric or ‘new age’ to consider, that the reason for our being ready or not, may well be down to our development and stage of life.

“It could well be, that certain other things in your life, are not congruent with achieving that thing you’re striving for; it’s this lack of congruence that’s the reason for failure.”

In other words, perhaps it’s the order of things that needs to change. For example, is your relationship at the right stage for that brave endeavour into starting a business? Or, as another example, is your relationship at the right stage to start a family? Some couples start a family for all the wrong reasons. They may think that ‘thing’ missing form their relationship is a child, and that a child, would help cement it. The reality is, all a child would do, is create a distraction for a while. We are then into a situation where a child is actually brought into the world to be used as some kind of tool; a tube of superglue if you will.

“The problem here is, in time, even superglue fails, if what you’re looking to bond, has some inherent flaws.”

Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?

And so, it’s important for us to consider the strength of our foundations. Whether that be the maturity we need in a relationship, before starting a family, or the skills, knowledge and understandings required, before starting out on a business venture. In particular, if that business venture involves the often complicated relationships, between business partners or indeed family members.

Getting involved with the Create Beautiful Partnerships Model will ensure you save time and energy. Building the necessary, solid foundations, with those around you achieves this. The emotional maturity, we’re then able to demonstrate, also ensures our minds become open to the possibilities presented to us.

“Many people have opportunities presented to them, even placed on their doorstep, that they simple don’t see, or see, and then just step over, all because they’ve not been ready.”

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