The Hairy Successful

“It’s a question I’m continually asked: How exactly do successful people achieve their success?”

When you think of it, this particular post could be a very long, boring drawn out affair, however, with my particular penchant being for simplification, I reckon I can keep it interesting and relatively short.

During their childhood (bear with me) the majority of successful people have been shown some very simple principles. One, and potentially the most important, is the principle of how we all learn through example. Put simply, during childhood, successful people have been shown powerful examples.

These examples are from the adults around them. Of course, the most influential examples, are going to be from those closest to us. This is not to say that positive – or negative – examples, of how to succeed or survive (respectively) in life, have all been from parents. On the contrary, children are influenced in many ways, from many people.

“Predominantly negative examples are likely to lead us to surviving rather than thriving in life. If we see examples of lackadaisical, unimaginative people around us, there’s a strong likelihood, we’ll follow suit.”

Alternatively, experiencing positive examples from loving, imaginative and emotionally mature parents, leads us on to live lives full of love and creativity. You might think this obvious, yet surprisingly, poor parenting, from unenthusiastic adult-children, is not necessarily seen as the precursor to a miserable life; be assured, it is.

And so, there is one of the most important provisos for success: a happy childhood. Those of us raised by emotionally mature parents will always have the advantage over others. Let’s take the example of two very popular cooks here in the UK: The Hairy Bikers.

Straight away we can know that one of the main reasons The Hairy Bikers are popular, is because they’re cooks, and good ones at that. In addition to being good at dealing with food, they also come over as being two extremely grounded, and genuine people. They’re genuinely interested and love cooking good food. This is reflected in their jovial, light hearted manner and proficient cooking skills. They also exude love. They are social people. They are interested and passionate about what they do.


Another example of a genuine, passionate, social and loving cook, who adores what he does, is Jamie Oliver.

“Successful people are adult people, so much so, they often come over as children’s entertainers. The antics of The Hairy Bikers, for example, wouldn’t go amiss at a children’s party. You can be rest assured though, when it comes to business, they’re very grown up indeed.”

You simply cannot become a millionaire in childhood. When our thinking is still based on the poor examples we were shown in childhood, we’ll never be successful in the way we wish. We’ll be successful, but we’ll only be succeeding, at being the example of a human being, we were shown during childhood. Parents raise replicas of themselves, in fact, they make a point of it.

Once we know and understand this we can change. We can change through learning from the examples we see around us from successful adults. Many successful adults are merely exploiting a fact: we children need entertaining.

Be successful and entertain the children yourself, with good examples, by becoming an adult. Look around you: are the people you see emotionally mature, fully grown adults? If not, move on, and find some better examples. You may not have had any choice as a child, yet now you are grown, you can put away the things of childhood.