Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts



Fixings are interesting things

Nuts, bolts, welds, rivets and screws, all designed to fix one thing to another. In my thoughts this morning, I’m clearly seeing the differences, between all these fixings. Some are permanent and others not so. Bizarre thoughts but stick with me.

The School of Mind yesterday looked at sensitivity. Mr Whittingham (credentials: Seeker) spoke about how, as he’s grown older, he’s become increasingly sensitive to: noise, violent behaviour, anger, hatred and so on. Now, a decent psychologist might pick up on this, and claim to understand. They might claim – that the reasons for being drawn to sounds and images of a violent and angry nature – are down to the repression of violent memories . If such a shrink did claim this, we’d have to correct, him/her.

There is a big difference between being highly sensitive to something and being drawn to it

It might be safer to suggest Mr Whittingham gets tested for autism rather than repressed memories. I’m reliably informed, that most, if not all of the trauma and pain Philip experienced during childhood, has been exposed to a cold and frigid night air. Something to do with a bear biting his face off. Don’t worry, he’s not mad – at least not in a dangerous way – that is.

Anyway, to my point and title. Stop looking to fit in! That’s right. Be a stainless nut and bolt and never a weld. After digesting Mr Whittingham’s thoughts, it seems clear to me, that looking to fit in, might have been his problem.

Those of us that are sensitive lovers need to recognise our differences

There are some really horrible fuckers out there, and if you’ve found yourself seeking to identify with these soulless fucks, stop. As a sensitive human lover, it will harm you, if you continue. I’m not suggesting you seek to isolate yourself (even though this is tempting) what I am suggesting though, is you seek out some more lovers. There are plenty out there. Be advised, I’m not talking about those who pretend to be this way, for there’a a lot of those too. I’m talking about genuine, gentle and loving human beings. This does unfortunately exclude reiki masters. Sorry, but I’ve always believed masturbation, should be done in private.

The thing about stainless steel nuts is they can be undone

Oh yes, a wonderful and beautiful invention. They might be standardised nowadays, however, this only adds to their amazing durability and functionality. A stainless steel nut and bolt really is a thing of beauty.

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Image Credit: Pixabay