The Search for Father

The Search for Father

It could be said that life is all about searching. We’re either searching for power or love.

Think of the feelings of power a world leader receives when they okay the order to attack. Think of the feelings a patient receives when finally receiving the attention they need. It is worth considering whether these things really are power or love respectively. Power, in this example, is through dominance over other world leaders. No true power. Love, in this example, is through attention from a carer. Only true when offered a child.

People talk of advice about relationships and really all that’s needed is this understanding: Love is empowerment.

In other words, when we love someone and want to demonstrate this to them, all we need do is find a way, to empower them. We must ask: How can I empower this individual? When this is reciprocal we have a win win situation. Love indeed.

If we crave power and want it in its truest form, all we need do is understand that true power, is when we have control over the self. Control over our impulses and desires. Control over our mind. Power is when we’re able to show love and compassion, firstly to ourselves, and then by consequence to others. This is power. Leaders would do well to know.

A most useful consideration is this: when we’ve been shown love in our developmental years both power and love become one.

Under such circumstances, once we reach adulthood, this brings a comfortable balance between the two; the search for either unnecessary. Unnecessary, because they are already instilled within. Seeking them as adults from the outside – through waging war or gaining attention from carers – is the disease of the unloved.

In order to find leaders of the loving kind there must be healthy incentives.

What attracts leaders who will show us how to gain both love and power in the most beneficial of ways? Can we not just ask them? What qualities have effective leaders of the past had that made us sit up and listen? Patience, calm, focus, passion, direction, intelligence, maturity, compassion and of course love. All the qualities a father must have.

How about a leader who shows us how to be good fathers, would that help us progress? Is the desire to be a good father incentive enough for you?