Love is The Drug (most frightening of all)

Thankfully most of us stay well clear of the kind of drugs that’ll get us into trouble (either with the law or addiction and death). Most of us have been made sufficiently aware of the dangers, and so decline to play the game of Russian Roulette, with our lives. Thankfully most of us aren’t reckless enough to become addicts.

Although we may be fearful and wary of the dangers associated with drugs, we may step beyond this, and dabble from time to time. We may get drunk when out with friends, or perhaps overdo it a little at home alone, and because most of us are lucky and informed, we decline to go further. However, it’s not really about that though, is it?

Those of us who do go beyond a glass of wine with our meal, or a few pints out with our mates, tend to be of the damaged variety. In other words, those of us who have lots of guilt and unresolved issues, tend to use drugs as a form of escape. We need to change our consciousness so as to escape the guilt, shame and the pain. Of course, as is all too clear, all this does, is add to it; we know it, yet seem unable to stop.

Taking things to new heights is when the drink stops working and we need a new high, or low, as the case may be. Then we’re in real trouble. We’ve lost the fear completely and no longer care about how reckless we’re being with our lives. Nothing matters, except changing the consciousness we’ve grown to hate, into something much more preferable: oblivion.

It may seem a beautiful paradox (it terms of it being the most extreme example) that the greatest fear we may harbour is that of the most powerful drug of all. The drug that is life affirming. The drug that keeps the rest of us functioning. We have no fear of the drugs that will eventually kill us, or simply dumb down our lives, and yet we fear the drug that is free, and most plentiful of all. The drug of love.

The drug of love is not the feeling we get from infatuation. It’s not the feeling we get at the point of orgasm. Neither is it the feeling we get with that first kiss from someone we admired when a child. No, the feeling we get from the drug of love, is something entirely different. The thing is, many of us fear this feeling, and we fear it because we’ve never known it; we’ve never experimented with it. Because to allow ourselves to fall in love (with life) would mean we’d have to change what we’re currently doing. And that, is hard; very hard.  

“What most of us are currently doing is simply following a program. It’s a program that’s comfortable; that works, and is – most of the time – manageable; provided we have a few drugs that is.”

Now, what I’m suggesting, is we take a moment to really consider what love is. We know what recreational drugs (useful name?) do: they change how we feel; they change our consciousness. And so what about love, does that change our consciousness? Well, when we truly know what love is, it does. It changes our consciousness, in respect of it giving our lives, tremendous value. When you have love in your life there’s no way on earth you’d recklessly risk it.  

Fear, guilt and anger are the opposites of love and we use drugs in an attempt to rid ourselves of their unpleasantness. The only true antidote to these things is true love. It really is worth seriously considering if we’re getting it right – and getting the correct dosage – if we’re to make the most of our lives. I, for one, am hopelessly addicted.

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