How to Get Lucky

Golden Cog Gears with Personal Development Concept.
Good luck can be created by design

Why? Why spend time and money getting involved with Personal Development?

Well, the truth is, it’s only a small minority that do. The majority of people hold to the belief we learn by our mistakes, or assume we enter adulthood, already knowing how to make the best of our lives. Not many value themselves and their minds sufficiently in order to clearly see the benefits to continued learning.

Take for example going into business. We might think attending business school wise, yet what about the psychology of relationships? Do we understand how best to deal with business partners? Is there anything to learn, about our own psychological makeup, that could help us succeed?

“Going into business ‘half-cock’ as it were (or a relationship for that matter) can be both emotionally and financially costly”

Starting a business, armed with useful understandings of human psychology (in particular the psychology of beliefs), can only aid a smoother experience.  Also the greater our understanding of human relations, the greater chance, of our success. In both these respects, involvement with Personal Development Training, simply spells out the actions of those who would rather avoid a few terms at the ‘school of hard knocks.’ Yes of course we learn by our mistakes, however, forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes.

“Forewarned we’re able to avoid the many pitfalls, learning by mistakes or simply living off our whits, can bring”

Now, when it comes to luck and good fortune, you might think: ‘you either have it or you don’t.’ A limiting way to think for sure. Limiting, because we believe, luck is something you can make. Making our own good luck starts by being properly informed and prepared.

“Starting out by investing wisely in you, through better understanding your own mind, is how to design your future luck. Future luck, is designed by understanding how the past continues to influence the present, and future.”

If you already believe you’re a lucky person, it’s potentially unlikely you’ll seek out Personal Development. It may well be, that you’ll live by this belief – going from one win to the next. Be advised though, only working from the belief you’re lucky, is going to lead to that inevitable spate of bad luck. Far better to nurture the good luck belief, and then gain the knowledge of it’s opposite, to avoid that inevitable fall.

Now, you may think it obvious, that the opposite to good, is bad. You’d be incorrect in this assumption. Bad is only the counterpart to good, it’s opposite is ignorance. Think of a naughty child. The child is only naughty because he doesn’t understand – or has never been shown – the benefits of being good. Therefore good and bad are seen as equal counterparts that get what the child seeks: love and attention. When we show a child the benefits of being good, in terms of their own well being, it’s counterpart bad diminishes, and it’s opposite ignorance, is then worked upon.

“In other words, we’re teaching the child, how to think.”

Understand concept

So, designing luck, is the kind of thing only the pragmatic do. It’s these wise individuals, who’d rather not survive by the skin of their teeth, relying on chance alone, that seek out continued development. It’s the unlucky who never truly understanding the difference between good and bad. Changing ignorance into ‘informed-wisdom’ is creating our own good luck.

The first lesson is in the form of this question: What do you want? You’ll never know anyone, least of all yourself, if you don’t know what they want.