“Peace is a curious thing, elusive, yet desirable. It could be said it’s something we all want, however, it stands to reason, that if you’re going to give a young man a gun, and then tell him he must fight for a cause, and fight for his freedom, peace will remain elusive.”

When a young man is given this cause, through being taught, conditioned and even brainwashed into believing it – and bear in mind it might be a cause that’s seen as just and rightful by the majority – and if he’s kept angry and hungry enough, the nature of the human mind dictates, there will be no peace.

Consider the opposite of peace: unrest. Through being taught: “you don’t have what you need,” either directly or indirectly from an early age, we’re teaching our young unrest. When unrest is a state of mind, kept alive through the belief: “you must fight for what you want” peace again remains elusive.

Even when our young man actually finds what he wants and needs, there remains a state of unrest – bubbling under the surface – as wanting and dissatisfaction have become a conditioned state of mind. So peace is never found – by such a mind – until he understands how to placate his restlessness.

“Due to the lack of love we’re all currently experiencing, wanting is a state of mind the world over. It’s just that often, here in the west, we find a solution (to our restlessness) through numbing our minds with drugs and alcohol or money and positions.”

It could be said, time spent seeking peace, is time spent going against human nature. And if this is the case, it’s the very thing we must take out of the equation: human nature. We must move beyond our instinctive need to conquer and dominate.

As we naturally evolve, does our need for domination, diminish, as we become masters of our domain? Yes, provided we understand this: The domain we must conquer is that of our own minds.

“We will always be headed in the wrong direction as long as we look to dominate and control each other. Only once we become masters of ourselves: our minds and instinctive drivings, will we find peace.”

In the case of our cause being just, there’s no denying, when we have people at the top of our societal pyramids, who are corrupt, or just plain egotistical, psychopaths, we do need to find a way to remove them. The simple answer is of course to not put them there in the first place, however, and as we well know, it’s often only the power of hindsight that shows us this. So how we remove such people from power, and do this in a peaceful manner, is through democracy.

“Within democracy no one person is ever seen to have absolute control, a leader is simply a figurehead of government. Our safeguard is, this figurehead, has limited time in office.”

Democracy, with the correct calibre of leader, along with the collective aim – through education – to gain control over our restless minds, must become a global phenomenon, before we can ever hope to find peace.

“With all this considered though, we must accept, absolute peace, through the removal of all unrest, is an unachievable goal and only ever something we must strive for.”

Striving for peace will of course come to nothing if we continue in our failure, to recognise dangerous character traits, in those we place in power. We may consider the rules within democracy, as outlined above, sufficient safeguard against governments acting on the irrational decisions made by one individual. However, as time and hindsight has shown us, this can prove to be no protection at all.

Let’s for a moment bring everything down to the individual level. Convincing the individual – that reason must never be replaced by fear – is where our power ultimately lies. If enough people begin to recognise the importance of this, and the importance of calming restless minds, we collectively have the power to change the direction in which we’re currently headed.


“If some of this sounds like scaremongering, I apologise, yet we must never shoot the messenger who warns us of the dangers in placing restless, egotistical minds, in power. Remember: blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.”

For us to make this prophecy reality, we must change the polarity of our thinking: Reason and calming the restless mind, are the only true ways to finding peace, never through the escalation of violence. Ultimately, all of this – and I truly do mean, ALL OF THIS – starts with you.