Pointless Continued Disruption

Disruption and Uncertainty

A few years ago now, I was negotiating a lease on a property, from where I wanted to run a Hypnotherapy practise

The issue for me was the time span of said lease. The landlord wanted me to sign a ten year agreement which, as you can probably imagine, was too far sighted for my needs. All I wanted was a two year agreement.

This relatively short term of two years would offer me freedom, if things either didn’t work out, or, as proved to be the case, I needed to move on. From experience, I know there’s nothing worse than trying to release oneself from a signed lease agreement, early. It can be very expensive.

As time went on, and the to-and-fro emails from solicitors continued, eventually the lease was adjusted to my needs. Even so, I  continued to delay signing; there was some doubt in my mind, over the planned expansion. Eventually, the phone rang, and the landlords solicitor simply asked me a question: “Do you want this or not?” It was a yes or no response he was after.

There are times when we fail to recognise that everything is as planned

We may have become so used to things being uncertain and changeable, that we become blind to the reality. We’ve been successful! The things we’ve been striving for, have actually, arrived. So used to the game of disruption, have we become, that it’s now the norm.

Uncertainty, doubt, grey areas – call it what you will – can become a familiar place if we’re not careful. We must ask: if all we want to do is create disruption in our minds – and that of others – have we perhaps lost touch of reality? What were we striving for in the first place?

My initial plans, for expansion into another area, had become lost in the detail. I was so focused, on disrupting the landlords excessive demands, that I’d lost sight of my original excitement and enthusiasm for helping people in this new area.

Of course during this period of delay, everyone found the need to project all their frustrations and issues, onto poor old me (boohoo). Added to this, there was the issue of my advertising expenses; they were growing.

Growing costs and disappointed potential clients – only being added to a waiting list – was not a good situation. No consulting rooms, no paying clients.

All in all the message is clear: be careful to not get lost in the detail

Unless your intention is to drive others insane, with your methods for disruption, stop playing the game of uncertainty. Get on with the plan, make decisions, stop the unnecessary, expensive dialog, and move forward. As with the question from the solicitor, all we need sometimes, is a little shove in the right direction. Do you or don’t you? Simple.

Image credit: Pixabay