What is Personal Development?

What is Personal Development?

“Personal Development, is the way and the means to advance and break free from the limitations of our thinking”

Knowing ourselves better, becoming more informed of our drivings, creates the advantage of removing conflict. At varying stages of life, many of us tend to think one thing, and yet end up, doing another. This is the result of psychological conflict. In other words, what we consciously want, often differs greatly, from our unconscious desires.

We might dream of starting a business – or getting an existing one to grow – for example, yet we may believe at a deep, unconscious level, that we’re not up to the job. Personal Development can show us otherwise. 

Further to this, the wisdom to recognise the importance of harmonious relationships, is of course something you posses. Once again though, understanding this importance, and than actually finding it, are two very different things entirely. Yes, consciously we want success, love and harmony in our lives, and yet our minds can let us down.

“How we learn is a very interesting process”

If, for example, we had to consciously think about balance and how to put one leg in front of the other when walking, we’d not be inclined to go very far at all. As we request it, our unconscious mind provides the information required, to make our lives easier. We get up, and walk . . . simple.

Sometime though, the information residing in our unconscious mind is outdated, confused or misguided. Imagine how life would be if we’d never been encourage to walk on our own two legs. What if we unconsciously believed that doing this was bad for our health?

“We might want to give something up, say smoking or consuming too much sugar, yet feel powerless to change. This is the result of unconscious desires, being greater than conscious intentions, or will. Believe it or not, the unconscious mind knows no difference between what is useful and beneficial, and that which is self-destructive and limiting” 

We, at The Freedman College, endeavour to help our students fully understand how unconscious drivings, often contradict conscious ones. Simply put, understanding our minds better, and raising awareness to how we create our own difficulties, immediately improves the quality of our lives.

Personal Development

Quality of life, and the roads we take in order to find happiness, are relative to the individual. Personal Development helps us create a much clearer plan, the individual then tailors, to themselves. We must know which roads to avoid, and which to take, if we’re to have a smoother journey through life. Expect to plan.

“Models, beliefs and patterns of behaviour, when better understood, can be modified. Only then do we gain more from life”

The unique nature of our workshops has come about through the culmination of many years experience. The GOLD Counselling technique, once understood, forms the basis for expelling those beliefs we no longer find useful. Understanding the influence of beliefs on our lives, immediately brings into question, those that limit us. Ultimately, what we believe we’re capable of, will either be the limit or height of our achievements respectively. Expect to succeed.

These planned achievements, may not include starting a business, yet may include finding more beauty and contentment from life. Whatever it is we seek, if we’re struggling to find it, we must be prepared to question, what we presently understand.

The mentality we experience, and are taught from the people around us throughout childhood, decide what kind of life, and degree of contentment, we’re likely to find. Learning new models of behaviour, so we may find greater happiness and contentment, is the aim of Personal Development.

“Perhaps starting a business is a dream of yours. Attendance, on a Personal Development Workshop, creates advantage”

If you have the necessary courage needed, to question the validity of your perception of the world, you’ll come to realise: the world is how you decide to create it, through your beliefs and thinking. Expect change.