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Now that you are here have you found the right kind of assistance?

Hypnotherapy has a proven record as a caring, compassionate and effective method, for helping people permanently remove self-destructive thinking and behaviours. As such, if you now feel there lies within you a problem that seems outside of your control, Hypnotherapy can help. From simple phobia cures, to resolving more deeply rooted conflict, the solutions are waiting to be found.

Hypnotherapy is a solution based approach.

We must of course acknowledge our problems, yet dwelling there, can never be the solution. Through searching within, we are able to find an array of resources, we never knew we had. Using these resources is how we clearly focus on a future where our goals are being met. Hypnosis is a safe and effective tool, creating the correct environment, for this process to begin.

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

This aspect of Hypnotherapy is primarily used to assist in changing patterns of self-destructive thinking and behaviours. Overeating and smoking, for example, are often used as a means of changing how we feel. We may have conditioned ourselves to feel brighter and better after a sugar, carbohydrate, or nicotine hit. Positive suggestions and metaphor can help us to reprogram this kind of thinking. The most common uses for Clinical Hypnotherapy would include:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Control
  • Building Self-esteem
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Insomnia Treatment
  • Phobias

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What is Analytical Hypnotherapy?

Analytical Hypnotherapy combines many psychotherapeutic techniques that seek to tackle the root to our problems. During this search we learn about our true selves. The more we understand about the self, the more balanced and grounded, we become. As a result, of this improved awareness, we learn acceptance. Therefore wholeness is experienced; improving our ability to love. Once we expose all of those past experiences, we might feel guilty about, or have taught us to believe there is something wrong with us, the freer of neurosis we become. Relationships improve as we become free of the need to project our fears and limiting beliefs on to others

They say time heals all wounds, however, time is not always on our side, and whilst we wait for time to do the healing, life can be passing us by. So if we are to heal our emotional wounds, and keenly move forward in life, it proves sensible to seek professional assistance.

With this help, we also come to realise, how relying heavily on our coping mechanisms, and simply coping with life, is no longer acceptable. To take the next step requires courage and sometimes we stumble before we do. Even so, once we have committed and received the assistance needed, hindsight makes it clear how our fear was just an illusion.

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What is the Cost?
  • 100 Minutes – £150

Philip offers a free twenty minute telephone consultation, to arrange this, you can contact him here: philip@freedmancollege.org