Loves Freedom

Fear can come in many guises, and yet once we become aware of it, we have the power to push it away I was reminded recently of the manipulative nature of fear. It's important to consider that it is OUR fear that manipulates us. For example, if we fear loss or hardship, it is this [...]

Happy Endings

Background image by Darkmoon_Art We cannot simply expect our lives to be happy. We can of course wait for realisation to come our way, through the lessons life will inevitably teach us, or we can get ahead of the game, and seek understanding of how to find happiness, now Professional Assistance Now Available - Home-based [...]

Aware Now

As a result of learning and practicing meditation we're able to cease the constant movement of the mind into the past, future, or fantasy. In time we can take control of unnecessary, fretful thoughts, that only add to our fears. If we become anxious and fearful over the things that, ultimately, we have no control [...]

The Search

The search for fulfillment of our beliefs is a constant process. If you believe you are guilty, for example, during meditation, your mind will seek to find examples of this belief. During therapy this would be encouraged, during meditation, we must recognise the searching nature of mind, and give ourselves clear, exact instructions. We say: [...]