A Meditation on Low Self-Worth

When you find it, hold it in your arms, and know your true value as a living, breathing, human being

I thought I’d mark the realization, that I’ve now been sober for over ten years, by meditating and writing about low self-worth

Thinking to myself about the subject of low self-worth I understand how I can apply this limitation to so many aspects of my life. To begin with, what motivates us? The desire to please others is often the key to our success. Fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, and other people who we might look up to, are often high on the list of people we would like to please. This can be something that is entirely conscious, or it can remain below our consciousness, and be a driving we’re unaware of. Either way, those of us who lack self-worth, can be hampered by this if it becomes the main driving.

Hampered because there can be no real sense of achievement if we’re doing it to win favour of someone else

If our self-worth is low there is little reason to achieve anything for ourselves. Any achievement has no value if we don’t value ourselves. As you might expect, our self-esteem if something awarded to us during our developmental years. When the child experiences very little encouragement to achieve, or praise when succeeding, their self-esteem remains stunted.

Once we are grown we must firstly recognize the problem of low self-worth and set about the sometimes lengthy process of building it

I feel one very powerful way to change low self-worth is to consider the empowering nature of love. Stopping drinking, and deciding to take better care of myself, speaks volumes. We can’t do this without love and a powerful survival instinct. I’m aware of love and that I’m a survivor. It is possible to use this to build self-worth.

In terms of finding motivation, and the desire to achieve, this becomes easier simply through the awareness, it’s low self-worth that’s been limiting me

As simple as it may seem it really can be just a case of being aware. It’s not until we’re aware of our true nature, and accepting of this, that we become unstuck. Being aware of the consequences of low self-worth, on our own behavior and troubles, instantly causes change. As I do now, perhaps it will be useful to make your motivation all about the empowering nature of love. Become aware of love, if you’re alive, you can be certain it’s there if you look. When you find it, hold it in your arms, and know your true value as a living, breathing, human being.

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