Mindfulness of Anger: A Constructive Force for Good

Real World Application of Mindfulness

I’ve built a beautiful fortress around myself and those I love. And in search of the answer to their confusion, there are unthinking people, who want to penetrate my defenses

I cannot be an android disassociated from his feelings. As much as I might feel there is an advantage to this, I understand that if I deny my discomfort, pain or suffering, I also deny happiness and pleasure. Anger arises in me when people behave in unthinking ways. Anger arises when people behave in ways towards me – and those I love – that might hurt them or bring them down. Inconsiderate, inappropriate and damn right abusive treatment, causes such rage, it is only mindfulness of my anger, that saves me.

Mindfulness of my anger enables me to control it and use its power in a constructive fashion

When I feel my anger rising I take a breath and notice it. I then ask myself:

What is causing my anger?

What is at the root of my anger?

What is my fear?

Abusive and inconsiderate behavior angers me because I’m fearful. Fearful that I, or someone I love, is being taken advantage of. These attempts are disrespectful. If someone is unable to show me, and those I love respect, then I don’t want those people in my life. Simple.

The force of anger awards me the strength to rebuild my fortress. But only when I understand through finding the answers to my questions. The key to my freedom, strength and the beauty of my fortress, starts with mindfulness.

For you, it may not be necessary, or even attractive, to analyse the how and why of peoples behavior. All that’s necessary is the mindfulness of anger: a force to protect us

Living in the real world means we must be aware of the dangers. We must be streetwise. The only way to protect oneself – in the real world – is awareness of the darker side of human nature. There are people who want to take advantage of you. On the way to the top of their illusions, they will attempt to use you as a stepping stone. There are also people who are simply unaware of how damaging their behavior can be. Mindfulness helps to raise our awareness, ask the right questions of ourselves, and set appropriate boundaries.

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