All the things to Cultivate

Are you ready?

There are certain conditions that will make it hard to cultivate the following:
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Generosity
  • Empathy
  • Kindness
  • Gentleness
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
What I find fascinating is, it’s the very condition of being human, that would have prevented me from seeking more of these things as a younger man.
In fact, I wouldn’t have had a reason, to seek these things. The methods taught me to survive and cope with the madness were working. For so long, wrapped up in the western world’s belief in what from happiness should take, and how to find it.
Perhaps, now that you’re reading this, you are ready to cultivate the things that really matter in life. If not, there’s every chance it will be a while, before you come back here. Don’t leave it too long.
As a consequence of understanding how my condition would have prevented me seeking more of the contents of my list, I know that the most powerful way of helping others, to live with less pain and suffering, is to simply be the very example of what I now seek as an older man.
If you’re ready to find more of these things, and would like to become a shinning example to others, this podcast is a good place to start. Be clear: there is no suggestion that we should all become Buddhist monks. No. The suggestion is that we begin to listen, and become further examples, of those who believe, not just in the power of love and compassion, but in all the things on my list.
Begin to cultivate the things that really matter

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