More Love – A Healthy Requirement

Feed the Soul

image by Jill Wellington
The ego wants to win because it’s being at the top that’s important. Wise men have told us to control our ego

Control, through an awareness of the influence of ego, is essential if we’re to gain a true and lasting sense of happiness. The ego isn’t concerned with happiness but only with winning. And as we are often shown even the winners aren’t necessarily happy. The egotistical are often the most troubled of us all. And we mustn’t mistake the desires of the ego with the requirement for more love.

When we have a clear understanding of what love achieves for us, and what the ego is seeking to achieve, we find our true sense of happiness

I’ve often found myself confused as to what I’m looking for. I wonder: is this love or my ego? I’m cautious because I’m very aware of the dangers and limitations of my ego driven desires. A competitive nature is all well and good, yet the way to avoid the games and hurt our competitive nature can evoke is, to be able to separate love and ego.

Love is the listener, love is the kind carer. Ego is the warlord and ego is the player

So we must focus our attention on the healthy requirement of more love. What must we do to gain this? We must teach it. We must share it. And we must give freely of it. Love gives freely of itself, this is why it endures.

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