My Life Saving Medicine

Construct a better life through a wider concern for everyone

Of late I’ve come to recognise how very important my medication is and the importance of taking it daily

If I want to calmly enjoy each day, and be in command of my words and behaviour, I must remember to take my medication each day. My medicine helps me to remain aware of my nature and how fear and anxiety influences my behaviour. In addition to this, it helps me remain calmly aware of the nature of others and the dangers of allowing adult-children (self-centred people) to manipulate me with their cute and naughty ways. I’ve always been a sucker for allowing children to get the better of me with their naughty, manipulative, tricks.

It’s important for us adults to be aware of the self-centred nature of adult-children. After all, we’re not doing the child any favours, if we’re failing to set firm boundaries

And so, time and time again, we must remind ourselves to take our medication, as it’s the minds tendency to draw us back into old patterns of distraction and forgetfulness, as this is where it feels most comfortable. My habit has been to sleepwalk through life. Sleepwalking in respect of my lack of awareness of the self-centred. The self-centred have no concern for your wellbeing whatsoever. Their only concern is for themselves. It could be argued that this is the truth of human nature, however, I would suggest, that once we are grown we have a greater capacity to genuinely concern ourselves with the needs of others. My medicine helps me with this. Sometimes the search for the adults is lengthy.

You might now ask: What is this wonderful, life saving, medicine?

Well of course I’m talking about meditation leading to improved mindfulness. In terms of all the above and more, there’s no doubt in my mind, that this is the tool that’s making the difference. I can no longer sleepwalk through life with a lack of awareness. It was this lack that always left me feeling confused, unstable, and downtrodden. My daily dose of meditation continues to help me separate those that have any level of consideration for my needs and wellbeing (adults) from the gameplaying manipulative children (adult-children). You can raise your awareness too. It’s the simplest solution there is and I find the real adults have a far better grip on reality. A better grip on what really matters. And those that only have self-centred concerns tend to be the most destructive.

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