Emancipation from Identity

Love will set you free

Your DNA is 99.9% identical to every other human being on the planet
As I meditated this morning my mind began to question the purpose of identity

We all need to belong do we not? It’s important for us humans to be part of something, to feel included, valued and loved. Freud noted that one of our most powerful drivings is the need for greatness, perhaps, when we have a strong identity, it’s easier to find this. It’s my suggestion that we question what we identify with and question the value of this identity.

I feel the longer we hold on to an identity, that automatically associates us with a negative and painful past, the longer we stay trapped

Many would argue that it’s important to hold on to our identity. It is. after all, who we are. If we think of ‘our people’ as a group or race that have overcome adversity in the past, we must hold on to everything associated with this, and in turn be one of the great. All well and good, and yet hanging on to the hurt and anger from past oppression, and continually teaching guilt to the innocent, turns us into oppressors.

Why would we need to continue to teach people, who have no connection to the past other than say a language or skin colour, to feel guilty about the wrongs of their ancestors? So we feel a sense of power? Guilt is most certainly used as a means of control over human behaviour, but ultimately backfires when seen for what it is. In fact those who are taught they are guilty will behave in a way dictated by this. An abused child, who has buried feelings of guilt, may well go on to become an abuser as an adult. In this respect what way might we be keeping racism alive?

Identifying as a good, loving and compassionate human being, must surely be the only identity you’ll ever need

And so during your meditation ponder on identity. Does what you identify with set you free? If not, simply consider yourself as a fellow human being, who is seeking to be the best version of themselves as possible. Consider love as the only companion you need. Consider the greatness you will find.

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