Golden Earrings

I’m empowered to be far more respectful to the balance of my mind

Just recently I ordered a new watch from a very well know jewellers online shop. On arrival of the package I was immediately suspicious due to its size. The package was much smaller than you’d expect a watch to be. Even so, I opened it and, rather than the expected watch, I found a pair of earings, exactly like the ones in the image above.

Me being me I was initially a little irritated and then thought of how stoicism and mindfulness would help me. So instead of being annoyed and disappointed I though of: ‘what stands in the way becomes the way’

What could I learn from my initial feelings? I now understand that my feelings where driven by two things: a lack of control over the situation and my poor judgement of the service I’d been provided. Stepping back from feelings we can asses the situation differently. Mistakes are made by busy people who’re less informed about the importance of mindfulness. Recognising this calmed me and sending the earrings back became an easy process once I’d regained my calm and rational self.

Giving every event significance, that we’re able to turn to a positive, has great power

Through asking myself what I could understand about my feelings, should something similar happen again, I’m now empowered to deal with it in a way that is far more respectful to the balance of my mind. And there is the key: I’m empowered to be far more respectful to the balance of my mind.

Let’s think about giving the event a positive significance. As someone who lives with slight hearing loss and tinnitus, I now also understand, that the ringing in my ears is diminished, when I seek to balance my mind through never looking to control anything that is outside my influence. Be this people or events, when I truly understand, that the only thing I’m able to control is my mind – its drivings (guilt, fear, love), how I think and how I respond to those thoughts – those ear-rings become a beautiful and powerful message.

Take control of your life through understanding the power of Mindfulness

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