Fear that You Cannot Feel

Fear that we cannot feel shows itself in other ways. This is another reason why awareness is so important. Here, I’m talking about an awareness of how the fear we cannot feel, manifests itself.

It’s my understanding that a lifetime of low level, free-floating anxiety, can lead to all manner of health issues. As such, the sooner we recognise it, the better.

Where does this anxiety originate?

When our survival is threatened the body responds by releasing certain hormones. Constant, heightened levels of these hormones is not a natural state of affairs, and will cause damage. There may have been times during our developmental years where we felt extreme levels of stress and fear. The consequences of this can follow us all through our lives, and if remain unchecked, result in illness.

We’re instantly empowered when we understand how the mind will seek other solutions rather than deal with the real issue

We are frightened of fear itself. We are often reluctant to address the root issues and where they lie. Because of this we take pain killers, we continue with a lifestyle that is damaging, and we spend time hoping that someone else will look after us, and simply take our problems and pain away. No one can do this for us. We can only be shown the solutions; it is then up to us to become actively involved with applying them to ourselves.

Fear can stop us from asking the all important question: what is the root to this problem?

One of the consequences of mediation is the surfacing of previously unfelt fear. This is the reason some will warn you against meditation. Perhaps these people are fearful themselves. When we meditate, on a regular basis, we become more mindful (aware). This challenging awareness could save our lives. Have you thought about that?

Learn to Meditate

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