Choppy Seas

Ride the waves

Standing on the shore we might become fearful of going in and it’s not until we’re in do we become one with the water

Think of how the wind causes the sea to become choppy. Think of the energy needed to churn up the water. Would the sea be healthy and as interesting as it is if it was always flat calm? Of course not. If it wasn’t for the tides and the wind the oceans would be stagnant and lifeless. Flat calm all the time is of no value to anyone.

Can we think of everything in the same way?

I believe we can. There are periods of upset before the calm and the calm once again gives way to upset. The movement of energy dictates that. A human mind is no different, and a mind that has become unmoving and stuck, may experience a sudden stroke or develop some degenerative disease. There must be movement, nature dictates that. If you look long enough you will see the importance of movement and change and how it enhances life. If you look for too long chaos will force your hand.

There are those who believe in the need to destroy before building. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, and all that

There is some truth here. Destroying what holds us back would be a positive way of looking at this. Constant chaos without any periods of stability can hold us back. Can we destroy chaos? Yes, because chaos is an extreme, and is caused through standing looking at the waves for far too long. Walk forward and jump in, provided you can swim, that is.

Train your mind, learn to be mindful

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