Focus on the Positive

Background image by Bessi
Your point of focus becomes your reality

For the very reason it’s an obvious thing to say we can easily become blind to the fact. We must remind ourselves that the unconscious mind is constantly drawn to what it believes and doesn’t question whether our viewpoint is healthy or not.

You might believe that human behaviour is crazy, perhaps some of it is, even so, what we must be very cautious of, is the tendency for the mind to generalise

Because of this unconscious tendency to generalise beliefs (all humans are crazy) the mind will constantly draw us into finding confirmation of this. Watching the news is an example. The majority of what we see on the news is evidence of crazy behaviour. In order to steer the mind into a more positive viewpoint, we must become actively involved, in controlling what we expose ourselves to. In addition to this, we must actively remind ourselves of the mechanism of mind (hence this post) and how this awareness can improve the quality of our lives.

Under no circumstances are all humans crazy. What humans are is gameplayers. As I heard recently: “It’s all a game and the point of it is seeing how long you’re able to remain on the board.”

Staying on the board, for as long as possible, involves looking after your mind and body. Mental fitness is achieved through training the mind to remain present (as much as possible) and remaining aware of the tendency for the mind to be drawn toward generalised beliefs. If these beliefs are useful, up to date, and positive, all is well. The elimination of negative believes firstly involves the process of becoming aware of them.

Remind yourself to look toward the beauty and love that’s there, provided you’re aware.

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