Loves Freedom

Fear can come in many guises, and yet once we become aware of it, we have the power to push it away

I was reminded recently of the manipulative nature of fear. It’s important to consider that it is OUR fear that manipulates us. For example, if we fear loss or hardship, it is this that others are able to tap into. Once our fear is tapped into they’re able to bend us to their will. Whether this fear is generated by a lonely parent, who threatens to change a will, or job insecurities that enable an employer to gain more than their monies worth, it is OUR fear that’s the problem.

When we turn to love – of ourselves, our lives and our time – fear melts away

Of course, if we’re to lose the type of fear, the above examples generate, we need to be in love with the very basics of what life has to offer. If we believe, deep in our hearts, that as a consequence of the wily whits evolution has provided us, that we will always be okay, fear has no hold on us. When we fully understand how personal responsibility applies to everyone, and are fearless of loss or hardship, no one has a hold on us either. Sometimes we may need to face up to the hardship – of not having everything we want – and we might miss the futures we imagined, however, be assured that these are only lessons in our beautiful journey through life. Free yourself and turn to love.

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