Your Own World – A Beautiful Place

Free Yourself

The beliefs, choices, and decisions others make, have nothing to do with you

Yesterday morning I went swimming in the sea. It’s the first time I’ve been at that time of day. I suppose I’ve never really felt motivated enough to do it before. There was light mizzle in the air and the sky was grey, even so, I had a fantastic experience and all was well in my world. Other than how wonderful it was, I thought of nothing, during my swimming experience. During this time I was free from opinions and therefore my reoccurring anger at human madness.

It does take effort, time and the motivation, to create your own world

The most important aspect of this, is the ability to free ourselves from opinions and judgement. In the past I’ve felt compelled; driven to form and share my opinions. Almost as if I didn’t have the right to not have one. This, no doubt, comes from a judgemental and authoritarian parent who always insisted I answered every question posed and opinion sought. Perhaps you can relate to this in some way? Now though I realise I do actually have the right to no opinion.

Free yourself and create your own world away from opinions and judgement. They only compound ideas and beliefs that probably weren’t even yours to begin with.

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