Start as you Mean to Go On

background image by Efraimstochter
Consider how things would feel if you started a relationship as companions and just waited to see how things worked out

Relationships have always been a tricky business. We’re often left guessing as to someone’s intentions, integrity and desires. We might try certain types of manipulation and gameplay in order to gain this information. We might try to control behaviour and outcomes. All part of the human condition.

At the beginning of a relationship if someone had stated: “what I want right now is companionship and an open mind”, I’d of either run a mile, or been intrigued

We can easily envisage a long term relationship evolving into a beautiful companionship, and so what I’m suggesting, is that we think about forming this kind of relationship before anything else. Think about how all the gameplay, manipulation and fear, has long since dissolved from a relationship that is purely based on our human need for companionship. How beautiful would it be if we started in that place?

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