Aware Now

As a result of learning and practicing meditation we’re able to cease the constant movement of the mind into the past, future, or fantasy.

In time we can take control of unnecessary, fretful thoughts, that only add to our fears. If we become anxious and fearful over the things that, ultimately, we have no control over, we damage the quality of our lives. Improved mental fitness enables us to gain proportion and understanding that the only thing necessary to gain control of is ourselves and our thinking.

Only recently I began to worry about the way in which certain people were behaving. And then I reminded my self that it’s not my responsibility to fight other peoples battles. I do feel a sense of responsibility in sharing information that may assist someone, and that is where it must end. We never actually empower an adult through taking over their battles, we may need to do this for a child, or for someone who is severely disabled, and empowerment is when we help individuals through providing tools and information.

When it comes to mental fitness we must be prepared to work the muscle that is our brain

If all the lifting and carrying is done by someone else we’ll never find the strength for ourselves. And strength comes when we practice. For example, when I find myself pulled into the abuse others experience, I bring my mind back into the present through using the words: ‘Aware Now.’ I’ve anchored the, present-moment-feeling, I experience during meditation, to these words. An exercise conducted during Mindfulness Training

Be empowered, Learn to Meditate

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