Love is Forever

Sit for a moment and let it all go

Image by Julia Cawthorne
Through leading a good life, when we are gone, all that remains is love

It isn’t complicated, leading a good life. In fact, it’s the simplest thing there is. I think of the people who’ve led peaceful lives and I gain a sense of the love that remains. After the peaceful man or woman is gone there are only fond memories. There are only memories of the lessons in love they taught us.

Like many there’s been fear in my life, yet, there is the knowledge, that holding on to the memories, beliefs, and feelings fear creates, is pointless

Yes it’s true, these things don’t remain after we’ve gone, they’re forgotten, so why hang on to them now? Let them go. In my mind, the most influential people of the past, are the one’s who’ve led peaceful lives. It’s those people who’ve stayed within the boundaries of decent, loving behaviour, that endure in the memories of the majority. I don’t see monuments, cathedrals and places of remembrance, for the haters, or controlling, power hungry, dictators.

All evidence of man’s existence will of course one day be gone but, it’s my belief, that even then, what will remain is information containing the evidence that we have loved. That we have loved each other, our home, and ourselves. Look up at the stars and instantly fall in love with the wonder of the universe. Look at each other, through the eyes of an innocent child, and you will love. So sit for a moment and let it all go. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we seek to lead peaceful loving lives, because this, is all we leave behind. Love. x

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