Inwardly Outwardly Aware

Self-absorbed or Life-absorbed

Brief inward focus can vastly improve our external experience of life

It’s my experience that we must limit the amount of time we spend inwardly focused. Focusing on our internal environment, at times other than during meditation, can be counter productive. We have things to do, busy lives to get on with, and it is those of us who’re able to switch between inward and outward focus, at appropriate times- for the appropriate amount of time – that benefit the most from their mindfulness practice.

It’s also my experience, that those who come along for therapy – and successfully focus intently and inwardly during this time – and then easily switch to being mindfully in the present moment – are the ones who benefit the most from the therapeutic process. Much of the change-work needed, as a consequence of Analytical Hypnotherapy, happens either during the therapy session or later when asleep. We must be able to fully commit our attention to everyday life at all other times.

Meditate from between 10 and 40 minutes every day (inwardly focused) and work at being fully aware in the present moment (outwardly focused) at all other times. Following this simple principle ensures we’re not being overly absorbed – contemplating thoughts and feelings, so we can get on with the serious business of living life fully. Meditation, combined with Therapy (be this Hypnotherapy or a more drawn-out type of intervention) helps us to build on our ability to remove internal conflict and become increasingly present moment focused. Live life to the full.

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