Brand New

When there is nothing but now

Imagine waking with a feeling that the day is brand new. I don’t mean just the normal superficial feeling that comes with the sun having set and then risen again. Or the feeling you get after a restful night’s sleep. No, when I wake in the morning, I want it to feel like everything has been reset. I want it to feel like there was no yesterday and indeed that there were no yesterdays prior to that. I also don’t want to feel any concern or anxiety about the future.

Of course this is achieved when I’m neither thinking of the past or an imagined future and my mind is simply aware and present in the now moment

Moment to moment to moment is where my mind must be. There are some interesting things that happen when I live like that. Let’s be sensible and recognise that it’s impossible to be in this place all the time, however, when I am, I see everything all for the first time.

I notice things about people I’ve never seen before. Beautiful things that fascinate. I walk and see a horse chestnut tree, study its blossom, and realise it’s beauty like never before. Everything is brand new when my mind is absolutely present. Mindfulness (awareness) is something we must all be conscious of developing now.

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