Don’t Think This is Important?

New shoes, now that’s important, isn’t it? Although have you worn out the old one’s yet? Perhaps they’re looking a bit tatty, and we do want to look our best, don’t we? So yes, new shoes, of course that’s important. And what about that new jacket, phone, furniture, house, flooring, decor, car, job, holiday, partner, neighbourhood etc. Are they important too?

This post might initially be seen as an attempt to moralise; to tell you all about the path of righteousness; to tell you how you should or shouldn’t be living. It is not. However, it is an attempt to raise awareness to the issue of priorities. What are your priorities and are they best placed for ease of mind, happiness, and fulfillment?

Many people are fortunate enough to come to an early, clear understanding of the importance that must be placed on mindfulness. This is to say they’ve been fortunate enough to have reached an understanding, well before too much of their lives, have been spent reaching out and grasping for what’s next

We must of course plan. If we didn’t, nothing would be achieved. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between planning and continually wanting. Through our desire we consider what we want to happen, or experience next, and the mind then formulates a plan. Provided we then switch our attention back into the present moment, and have the mental fitness to predominantly remain there, all is well. 

With this in mind, it’s surprising how the people we might consider to be ‘living the dream’ aren’t actually living it. Amongst others it was Gary Barlow, when talking about his past, who said how he wished he’d spent more time enjoying what was actually happening now, rather than thinking about what comes next.

And so in response to my appeal, consider mindfulness. Right now it may not seem important and that’s because your mind . . . isn’t . . . ‘right now.’ Be completely aware of what’s happening now and realise for yourself, that unless your mind is predominantly in the present, you’re not actually fully alive. And if being fully alive in the present is uncomfortable, it’s your minds ability to be ‘elsewhere,’ that’s stopping you from making the necessary changes.

Live your life to the fullest by learning how to improve your level of awareness. You’ll be surprised by how much time and effort it actually takes to improve this. Provided, of course, your priorities are correctly placed.

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