Who’s Responsible?

Identify and concern yourself with your responsibilities only

Image by congerdesign
As obvious as it might sound we must always remember to place responsibility where it lies

I’ve recently experience a problem with my post and now find myself worrying as to whether future parcels and letters are going to reach me or not. In a quieter moment, I let this worry go, by recognising that the only responsibilities I have, is to ensure my address is clearly marked on the door, and that I’m either in when my mail is expected, or have made alternative arrangements for were it can be dropped off. Beyond this I have no control over the situation whatsoever. If my mail doesn’t turn up, all I’m able to do, is contact the carrier responsible for my parcels and make a claim for lost items. Not having experienced this before I’m assuming they will now look for the lost item, and if not found, I will be reimbursed to the value of its contents.

The point to gain is, worrying about anything that isn’t our responsibility, and consequently have no control over, is wasted energy

Whilst wasting energy, on things that are neither our responsibility or under our control, we’re not getting on with the important business of fulfilling what is. Leave the job of delivering mail to the carrier and focus on what really matters: your responsibilities.

It brings to mind the important business of ensuring we take proper responsibility for ourselves. An extreme example would be codependent relationships. I’ve recently heard the issue of codependence taken very lightly and even suggested as acceptable. Perhaps to some it is, however, the trouble with a codependent relationship, is its restrictive nature. It’s the old joke about the dying man who’d been in a codependent relationship all his married life and how, in the moment of his death, he saw someone else’s life pass before his eyes. Those within abusive relationships don’t often see it until it’s too late.

And so, once again, be sure to focus on bringing your own mind under your own control (if you don’t someone else will) and only concern yourself with what you’re responsible for. And if you’re in the business of delivering mail, surely, it’s a specialty of yours, to know where the mail should be going? Take care, take responsibility, and focus on what your specialty is, and all will be well.

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