Defend Yourself or Become a Victim

Will we ever learn?

Image by flutie8211
If you don’t have the means to defend yourself you will fall to a greater power

This might sound a little harsh however it’s how the system works. We only need consider the universe we live in to understand this. It’s violent in places. As we’ve all recently experienced, if we’ve not built up a defence against an attacker, it will beat us. Because we understand this we’ve created vaccines and antibiotics. In terms of recent developments, and on a much larger scale, we have nuclear defence. This isn’t necessarily defence enough against a madman yet it might give such an individual pause for thought. This pause might give us time to strike.

In a fist fight it’s always wise to get the first punch in, especially when fighting a bully. If you don’t you’ll get a black eye or worse

History is no doubt going to show us the folly of our hesitancy. Removing the risk of viruses and diseases, prevention in other words, will always be favourable to fighting it once established. Of course it’s easy for me, sitting here behind a computer being the voice of reason, yet I feel acknowledging reality, helps us to gain the strength to accept where we’re going wrong. It’s a mistake to assume that a dictator, virus or disease, has any compassion or concerns for anything other than itself. Will we ever learn?

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