Mindful Resilience


Image (The Kelpies) by wenzlerdesign
Resilience is helped by optimistic, forward thinking, and our mindful awareness

Consciousness brings with it the awareness of the often harrowing aspects of life on earth. In contrast to this, I woke this morning, thinking about how a new day was another golden opportunity to eat cake. Even if I don’t eat cake today just thinking about it can be enough. And it’s this kind of humour and simplistic attitude to life that can get us through.

In order to relay this to you I must of course be aware of my thoughts

Whilst meditating this morning my mind drifted to uncomfortable thoughts. The thoughts weren’t even about an experience I’d had but concerned those of someone else. Even so, I felt sad and troubled by them, and this goes to show just how powerful our thoughts can be. It’s the awareness of this that’s important, as it awards us the understanding of how we’re able to make improvements to our lives, simply through how we think.

Remembering the past is important as it gives us opportunity to understand ourselves

We are the sum total of our beliefs. Our beliefs are formed from everything felt, seen, heard and experienced by us during our lives. In particular our early life. And it doesn’t take much to realise that not all of them are going to be useful and beneficial. As such, reviewing the past, to understand how our beliefs were formed and how they continue to influence us, holds great power. This remembering and evaluating enables us to question and change ourselves into who we want to be. We can develop beyond our beliefs and how they’ve previously led us. We can also develop greater acceptance and love of who we are.

Bringing the mind predominantly back into the present assists us in our resilience

It’s how we cope isn’t it? Getting on with living, with our minds engaged in the system, is what it’s all about. The pleasures and the pains of life are its very purpose. The purpose of life is life itself, so let’s get on with it, constantly reminding ourselves of how to be mindfully resilient, enjoying the occasional slice of cake.

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