Look to the Future

Whatever it is you want, regardless of knock-backs, difficulties or circumstances, perseverance is the quality always required in order to succeed

We might ask the deeper question: what is required for us to have perseverance? Is this a quality some just naturally have or is it something acquired? I feel there is a certain recipe that will help us here.

Firstly we must have passion. We must want the desired outcome passionately. Secondly, we must be able to keep the mind present and focused, on the desired outcome. Dwelling on past failures is the fire which turns perseverance to ashes. It really is a matter of ensuring our improvement isn’t hampered with thoughts of past performance. Be it a frame of snooker, a game of tennis, or gaining a qualification, dwelling on the last frame, game or test, will distract from the mater in hand: Winning.

We humans love to win. We know that in order to win we must be better than all the rest. Yes we need natural talent, nevertheless, no matter how much natural talent we posses, believing we can simply win without perseverance and practice, leads to disappointment. We have to continually put the past where it belongs and keep going, on and on, regardless of how we might feel, or whatever circumstances we might be facing. This is perseverance.

Unless dealt with, limiting aspects of the past can be an echo, that never fades

Recognizing how the past can unconsciously influence the present is most certainly a skill we can learn. Briefly examining limiting behaviour is key. We must ask: how do I continue to replicate mistakes of the past? As odd as it might sound, understanding how we failed at our goals in the past, can help us to eliminate unconscious limitations.

The unconscious mind will persevere in whatever direction it is focused. We must ensure it is correctly focused. Our beliefs come into play here and perseverance is required if we’re to question and change them. Once the past is dealt with, limiting beliefs removed and unfinished business concluded, we’re better able to direct the energy of our perseverance with the correct focus: Upward and onward.

The first step is mental fitness learn how to improve this here.

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