Peaceful Rage

It consumes me

Image by earthroom
I wake up in the morning, consider, and I feel rage

Silence. I consider the present moment and realise there is nothing to say. Only silence will calm this torrent of rage I feel. The power required to remain silent is the very power that will calm me. I will not scorn or laugh or shout. I will simply breath out red mist. I’m unable to criticise. I’m far too aware for that. This means I see you. I see you. Raise your awareness and fend off the behaviour I’ve considered. Shush.

We must use its energy constructively

This energy we feel must be focused and centered on where it will be of positive value to ourselves and others. When it is time to talk, make the words meaningful, and light. Don’t be as the violent journalists, we must only teach how to be, rather than how not. We must feel like we have a choice and the consequences of our choices explained. Harm no one and find a way to make your life as loving as possible. Feel the rage and focus its energy on finding a peaceful solution. Thinking about this helps us realise it will only ever be the way. We can never gain peace through violent use of our rage.

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