Truth, Lies and Whether it Actually Matters

The truth is what you choose to believe

Image by geralt
Now I can only believe it if I see it with my own two eyes, and even then it will only be my truth, and no one else’s

I made a mistake this morning, I decided to read the news. I allowed my brain to be infected by the nonsense and I also allowed it to upset me. It was for my partner to make me aware of my horrible negativity. Once again my downcast-destructive side came to the fore and it was driven by the media. Not truth, you understand, but the media. And it really is the case that you cannot believe a word they say. In this respect there is no point in reading it. Their desperate need for my attention creates their need to fantasise. Propaganda and nonsense.

Again and again I make the mistake of allowing my attention to wander off to the places where truth and lies intermingle. And now I’m in a state of constant confusion and unbelieving

Because of this I’m now asking if truth or lies actually matter. Can we really ever distinguish between the two? I feel the reality is, truth can only ever be something that occurs within the mind, of the believer. All truth is subjective. We must believe it before it becomes true and even then it is only a belief. It is only our belief. Just because we believe something doesn’t mean it’s true for anybody else. Often it can prove to be completely the opposite. Do you believe, for example, that sexual abuse of our children is at epidemic proportions? Do you believe that there are millions of podophiles amongst us?

I suppose it matters that we make children aware of the dangers. Whether we want to believe it or not there is a dark side to human nature. Evidence speaks the truth. A child has no hope of protecting himself or herself if there’s no awareness of the dangers. And yet this doesn’t mean that we have to read about it every day. It doesn’t mean we must fix our attention on this every day. And we must accept all the darkness that’s possible, however unpalatable, we might find it.

I find myself not wanting to believe the despicable nature of my fellow human beings, but I must be cautious of what dangers, there are in denial.

If I choose to ignore the unpleasant what will that make me? Happy, or just as ignorant and innocent as the vulnerable child. Awareness enlightens us sufficiently so we may protect ourselves. Ignorance IS the darkness. There is such danger in this confusion between truth and lies. In time, we will simply fail to see, and how will the blind ever protect themselves?

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