Human Excellence

It all begins in the mind

Image by chenspec

This week has seen the successful unfurling of the James Webb space Telescope, an extraordinary device that will enable us to look back, almost, to the beginning of time. 

It is hard to imagine what has needed to come together for this project to have got so far. We have yet to see any images from the telescope but, judging from current progress, it seems very likely that we’ll be blown away by the results.

When we take the time to consider this monumental achievement with all it’s planning, complexity and collaboration, we can know, without a doubt, that anything we might want to achieve is possible. It clearly shows us that anything we put our minds to, provided we have sufficient resources and the necessary commitment, we can succeed. 

It is important, no matter the cost or however confused we might initially be about the logic of such endeavors, that we acknowledge the challenges this team will have faced and overcome. It is important to apply this to ourselves and our own endeavors. We can be inspired by their achievement.

Looking back into the distant past is one thing, and yet, if we choose to, we can cast our minds into an imagined distant future 

A future where we have cracked so many of the mysteries that life presents us with. If we look hard enough we can see a future where we have unfurled so much more of the limiting aspects of human nature. In particular the aspects of human nature that hold us back. 

Imagine a future where the sensitivities of the human mind are far better respected

It’s only since developing mindfulness have I become aware of how our thoughts are truly what we are. I can only imagine how things will improve for us humans if we were to take better care of our minds. For this to happen we must begin at the beginning. The place where all of our actions begin: thought. 

It is certain that each individual team member, responsible for the development and deployment of our new space telescope, will have been dedicated and mindful of their respective roles. They will have been focused and determined to do their utmost to ensure the project’s future success. 

Whatever it is you would like to achieve, it starts with your mind. Plan to improve your awareness, learn mindfulness now.

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