Escaping the Influence of Illness

Beautiful Solitude

I’ve bolted to my little hideaway 

Sometimes solitude is the only answer. When I feel weighed down by the behaviour of others, I realise there’s no point in becoming angry, in an attempt to change them. Inconsiderate and manipulative behaviour, brought on by what is seen as the power of illness, is minimised when alone. Total solitude would mean I simply can’t be influenced by illness.

It seems we all have something wrong

We all have our problems don’t we? And yet, how would life be if we felt utterly content, well, and satiated? Would we wonder at this strange feeling of contentment and seek out a problem to spoil it all? I suppose we can feel content only for this to be spoiled by someone else, can we not?.

Time away to enjoy solitude and escape the influence of illness

Interestingly enough, if I searched for them, I could claim to have lots of problems, but what would be the point if in solitude? To revel in self-pity for no real reason? You see, when alone, there is no value to illness, it has no power and influence over others. I’m unable to control their movements and consume their time through illness when alone. My illness has no power, no purpose. I’m tired of the influence of illness.

In addition to helping people understand their illness, my intention is to work with the well, teaching them how to build on this, through mindfulness.

We must stop giving illness power – be well – learning how to spend time in total solitude, will help us all, gain the necessary understanding.

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