The Useful Mindset

breakfast like a king

Image by Pexels
Important as breakfast

If you’re anything like me you’ll have a tendency to become easily distracted. You can become sidetracked by a mind that craves the chaos of a wayward ego. The ego loves to have its own way and will do all it can to bring itself to the fore. This is why placing daily meditation at the very top of your priorities is essential.

Daily meditation is the time we need to bring the ego under control

We must become the master of the ego. There is nothing more to this than simply being aware of its influence. Once we’re aware we have control, simple. It’s when we allow ourselves to run on autopilot that problems arise. Think about how distracted you can become when you miss breakfast. Stop allowing your ego to distract you into chaos. Practice daily.

Here’s what’s covered on our Mediation to Mindfulness Workshop

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