Advanced Meditation (overcome vulnerability)

there is strength in understanding our oneness

We are all alone because it is impossible for any other person to be part of our mind, body or soul. No-one will ever share the same thoughts, feelings or belief systems in exactly the same way as another, this, is to be alone Create Beautiful Partnerships

If we’re uncomfortable when alone then there will be great benefit to meditating on the statement above. This kind of meditation is not for the faint hearted as it can be extremely painful to realise just how alone – in respect of the statement – we all are. The statement is a truism and no amount of argument can alter this. 

If we’re in company, then we are not physically alone, and therefore, we may not feel lonely. However, many of us can relate to feeling lonely, even when in the company of others. This can be due to being amongst people we have no affinity with, but, there is a simple understanding that can help.

Furthermore if we have no acceptance and no understanding of the differences between aloneness, oneness and loneliness we can be vulnerable. Vulnerable, lonely people, are often taken advantage of.

In order to gain the courage to actually be alone, without feeling fearful, we must break through a pain barrier. This barrier is the pain of realisation. Once again the words of Kahlil Gabran come to mind: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding”

When we truly accept and understand our aloneness we will see that loneliness is the product of being lonely from the self

Something you may find a comfort, whilst meditating, is to foster the curiosity of how many other individuals there might currently be, seeking, the emptiness of meditation. Imagine these people sitting beside you. Experience an emptiness of mind and then ask yourself how many other meditators are currently experiencing similar sensations during these moments. The comfort we gain comes from the realisation of our oneness. We may be alone and yet at root we are all the same in our aloneness. Ponder and have courage.

We must have a beautiful partnership with ourselves before we can ever dream of one with another. Learning how to enjoy solitude is essential in determining who we attract into our lives. The ability to spend time with only your thoughts for company, costs nothing, and the benefits are pricelessCreate Beautiful Partnerships

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