The Power of Awareness

the ego is the custodian of beliefs

Image by John Hain
How remarkable it is that we’re able to think about our own thinking

What an extraordinary talent we have in being able to objectively observe our own thoughts. That is of course providing we choose to. If we’re too integrated; intertwined with our thoughts, we might struggle to step away from them, long enough to see them as separate from ourselves. This is where meditation comes to the fore.

With practice meditation enables us to slow down and become aware

That’s right, as we seek to focus our attention on a physical function of the body (breathing for example) we can become aware of our thoughts. We expand on this by then beginning to question their nature. More than anything, we must ask ourselves if our thoughts have any positive, and productive value. Are our thoughts of a critical, judgmental nature, only there to compound the negatives we believe about ourselves, or are they constructive and valuable? The simple process of observing these thoughts, and asking if they’re of any real value to our lives, is an example of the power of awareness.

As we become increasingly aware of our thoughts, building the ability to detach ourselves from them, we raise awareness and take control

So often our defensive ego seeks to ward off attacks from those who might be less aware than ourselves. The negative, patronising comment or post-it note a colleague leaves for our attention, becomes a little mind-worm. We might believe ourselves to be quite important with a valuable contribution to make and all we get is attacked. If we are to remain healthy and well adjusted it is our ego we must bring under control.

Our ego has no concern for our mental health it is simply the custodian of our beliefs and must defend them to the death

One of the most powerful points you must take from this post today is, how the ego knows no difference between those beliefs that lift us, and help us move forward in life, and those that simply lock us into circular, negative thinking. All is not lost though, you’ve been made aware of how meditation enables you to step away from your thoughts – raising your awareness to them – so you may cease their destructive influence. In this way, you are actively selecting those ego-driven thoughts that are positive, and rejecting those that have no real value. You are actively choosing thoughts that improve and maintain a good quality of life. 

Mindfulness is the product of meditation and it is our improved awareness that will keep tabs on destructive thinking from the ego 

So when it comes down to it the power of awareness is the power to live well. The power to actively choose happiness over worry, stress and negativity, comes from improved awareness of thoughts and their nature. We can choose to either get upset and become defensive over the behaviour of others, or we can choose calm as we see the real driver of our emotions, as us. Remember, the ego is the custodian of beliefs and many of our thoughts are simply there as a means to compound and maintain them. This is the job of the ego no matter how beneficial or destructive these beliefs are. It is our job to raise our awareness so we may bring the ego under our control. When we practice this kind of mindfulness, every moment of our lives, amazing begins to happen. We begin to live well under the terms of the beliefs we choose to see value in. 

Live well, learn to meditate. 

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