Find the Stillness

Only the courageous learn

Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay 
Whatever is happening to you

Even if that dog owner is saying “fuck you” by allowing their dog to piss up your front door, find the stillness.

Even if that man is using his fists, find the stillness.

And if that woman is manipulating you emotionally because you can’t say no, find the stillness.

The only way to find it is to remain indifferent, impartial and non-judgmental

The dog owner, the wife beater and the abusive woman hold no power over the individual who can calmly endure.

Endure with a stillness that enables you to reason with yourself. A calm reasoning that enables you to know what you must do next.

The inconsiderate or abusive human being shall simply receive your thanks

That’s right! Thank them for showing you the damage to their soul and, providing you survive, thank them for showing you how important you are and how afraid of you they’ve become. Know you can’t have frightened people in you life and that is all they are. Your stillness will be based on love and because you’re able to connect with that – daily through your mindfulness practice – it remains as you endure.

know you only need endure their fear and ugliness for a short period as your mind calmly shows you the exit route. And you’ll never need to stop them weeping for their loss, they’ve never been in love.

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