Kindness . . . Where will that get me?

Do yourself a favour and offer kindness today

Hate is on the agenda, the 1% are getting attention, so the rest of us need to work harder

In light of that heading let’s just remind ourselves what there is to gain from kindness. You never know, this short post might make you aware of something, you didn’t previously know. And once reminded of the benefits and power of kindness we’re then much more likely to spread the message.

It does seem the media are focusing on hate and deep down we all know why; it grabs attention. We’re bombarded at the moment with all the incidents of hate and the consequences. Our curiosity is piqued, we want to know how tough others lives are. We want to feel some light relief and distraction from our own problems. This is the human condition and the media know it. On the back of this we must always remember the figures in my opening heading: it’s the 1% we’re currently having an issue with and if it wasn’t for the media they wouldn’t have a voice and our lives would be less affected. Unfortunately, that isn’t the world we currently live in. So the antidote is for the rest of us to focus more intently on kindness, the advantages to us, and how we can spread it around a bit.

Spread it like chocolate spread on toast or marmite if that’s your preference

Let’s start with the understanding of where kindness will get us. In days of old we believed that kindness would earn us merit and increase the chances of being taken off to a better place after death. Of course many people still believe this, and yet fail at being kind, so that ones out the window. However, there is another slant, on the kindness issue. And even though you won’t earn merit in the heaven stakes, what you will earn, is a calmer state of mind. You will earn peace of mind.

The way this works is simple. Before explaining that we must start with understanding hate

Let’s say for example you object to the actions, campaigning, beliefs – or whatever – of a certain individual, and you would like them to stop. Let’s say you decide to start your own campaign of hate. Straight away we can know that this kind of strategy might make you feel better for a short while and indeed you might feel that it is having an effect. Over time though, this kind of thinking, begins to create rot.

The hatred begins to compound itself and its force becomes stronger. It permeates through your entire being. In the end it will always end in tears. We can go further. At its root, hate, is fear. It could be that it’s the campaigning of others that is a threat to your beliefs and way of life. When such things are threatened fear is triggered at a deep level. We only need to question the shaky beliefs of religious zealots to see how fear manifests itself.

So instead let’s say you begin a campaign of kindness

As mentioned, kindness offers peace of mind and calmness to the giver. This works in the same way that hating compounds hate. Kindness compounds kindness through tapping into the associated emotion: Love. Yeap, love is the word. And that is what we need more of.

So how do we start a campaign of kindness when we are afraid? Well we must own up. We must own up to our fear. When we are afraid it is almost impossible to project love and kindness. Owning up to this defuses its power. When we say: “Yeap, what you are doing frightens me,” we defuse the hate that’s there on all sides. We then begin to build a common understanding of how we can move forward from the issues at hand.

The individual who is campaigning against what he sees as wrongdoing must recognize the hate that exists within him

Such an individual may think that his campaigning is doing good, and yet fail to see how his beliefs in right and wrong, are the real problem. When we’re offering kindness to each other right and wrong cease to exist. We begin to understand the viewpoints of all concerned.

So there we are. Do yourself a favour and offer kindness today. It will calm you and offer a peace of mind that facilitates understanding. When we understand the fear, love, is free to roam.

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