Just Take a Breath

You’re worried about there being not enough. Just take a breath and think about what would happen if you discovered there wasn’t enough. Would the world stop turning? Does your life end? What is the worst thing that can happen? Does it really matter?

Take your mind beyond the fear

I often do this; take my mind beyond the thing I fear. I then become calm and rational. Instead of this, if we’re stuck within the fear (of there not being enough) we grasp and grab. We become glutinous. We behave in a way that is self-centered and mean.

Change gluttony to greed

In contrast greed is okay because this is based on The Rule of Enrichment, (see Create Beautiful Partnerships page 62) a useful rule to understand and embrace. We want more of what we enjoy and why shouldn’t we? In this respect, consider how the world would be if we focused more on our need for love. The more love we give the more we gain.

When we freely give of our love we can be greedy in how much we receive

And so move your mind forward, beyond the thing you fear, and realise the danger of gluttony. Now remember: How would the world be if we greedily focused on giving more love?

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