Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

Stop adding to stress, manage it

There’s a massive difference between attempting to manage stress through the distraction of stimulation and quelling it through mindfulness. Allow me to explain.

It’s often the case that we’re advised to find some kind of distraction when experiencing chronic stress is it not? Whether this is going to see a good film, socialising with friends, or whatever. All very useful. However, it isn’t really a long term solution. It can help, yet all we’re in fact doing, is stimulating the mind in order to distract ourselves from our stressers. Stress management through learning mindfulness from meditation holds some very different qualities. 

Constant stimulation can never be the answer

In order to properly relieve stress, we must seek the calm, found through learning how to take control of the mind. Successful meditators are able to find a degree of emptiness where the mind can find true rest. In addition to this, the stillness of mind found in meditation, facilitates the ability to separate ourselves from our worries and anxiety.

Once we can objectively view, what may be troubling us and generating undue stress, we instigate change. Constant distraction and stimulation only inhibits this. We do need to think ourselves out of difficulties. The many means of distracting ourselves, available in a modern world, only put things off.

Perhaps poor time management is part of the problem. Utilising the paradox of taking the time to learn meditation – that leads to improved everyday mindfulness – has great value. Perhaps we will then come to understand that seeking constant stimulation, as some kind of cure, is in fact, part of the problem.

Slow . . . fit less into your schedule . . . learn to appreciate people and include meditation daily. We can’t find the cure until we learn to meditate and we can’t possibly fully appreciate others (and what they have to offer) until mindful of their presence. Slow. Down.

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