The Confluence is Approaching

The Confluence is Approaching

When rivers merge each adds something to the other. Be it nutrients, fish or just water itself, a greater power and presence is created through confluence.

The similarity with the word influence is not coincidental

There is power in numbers. For example, were it not for the six million British men, mobilised during the first world war, it’s likely the outcome would have been very different. The greater the numbers the greater the influence. This is not to say there isn’t power within the individual. After all, each and everyone of those six million men, was an individual in their own right. We can in fact get a little lost in the numbers if we’re not careful. It’s only when we hear individual stories – about the after-effects of 700,000 lives cut short – do we begin to get a sense of the loss and sacrifice.

Our strength as a species is our ability to get along and function in groups. Whether it’s an army or a community with a common aim, when we begin to think alike, our strength builds. As we have experienced to our cost though, when groups of people with conflicting beliefs are set against each other, war is the result. In 1914 this difference was in the nature of their beliefs, for it’s true to say, the German soldiers also believed they were fighting for their freedom.

It’s only when communication is clear, and there’s a commonality within our aims and beliefs, do we avoid conflict

We can take this concept down to the level of the individual. What, for example, do you believe freedom to be? It’s certainly a relative thing – one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, and all that. Within our style of development we say that freedom is a state of mind. When there are warring factions between what we want, and what we believe, there’s sufficient conflict to enslave.

It’s the case that we must cure the root of the problem if we’re to ease this kind of conflict. Incongruent beliefs between peoples is the cause of confusion. In the same light, when our conscious want’s differ to our unconscious beliefs, the result is conflict.  

There are of course consequences to winning our freedom. As with the soldiers of the first world war, when the fighting was over, many were left wondering what to do next. Many soldiers have been fighting for years, when it stops, there’s an emptiness to be filled. Similarly, those of us who’ve been stuck for years – fighting our own personal battles – are often left in the same predicament. Freedom from this, is only found, when we truly understand what peace is. And when we know what to do with it.

When the guns had finally stopped, imagine what silence the soldiers of years ago, experienced. A deafening nothingness the mind would have needed to fill. A ringing in the ears that would have gone on for some time. The guns are silent now, the confluence, approaching.