Toxicity Binds

Toxicity Binds

“If we’re not very careful toxic environments can become the norm”

If we’re not very careful, binding ourselves to certain places and situations, becomes acceptable. Often, what lies at the root to our toleration of bad relationships or poor work environments, is fear. ‘Better the devil we know’ is probably one of the worst maxims ever thought up.

Of course moving on and escaping toxicity takes courage. We must firstly recognise how stagnant and damaging our situation has become before we can do anything. Once something has become an accepted norm we can become blind to its bind.

“It could well be that we have some kind of plan”

We have a plan for escape, and yet we’re not seeing, how it’s also binding us. The plan may well seem sound and well constructed, however, for some unknown reason, it’s not coming to fruition. During our struggles to bring our plans to maturity, we’re having to cope with an ever increasing toxicity, to our lives. This is a no win situation. Imagine being slowly poisoned by a boiler we know should have been serviced many years ago. We keep it running, ignoring the risk; reluctant to make the necessary arrangements. The boiler eventually kills us. We’re slowly gassed to death in our sleep.

Toxicity Binds
Lies That Kill

“We wake when we rinse the fear from our minds”

When we’re able to remove the inhibiting filters of fear, we’re able to see what arrangements need to be made, in order to escape. Not when the plan comes together. These plans may well have become part of the problem. Once again it may be necessary to wipe the blackboard clean and start over.

“We might be lying to ourselves”

Take some time to think about how we all bind ourselves into toxic situations, believing that things will work out, in the end. The biggest problem with this kind of thinking, is when it does eventually work out, it’ll be the end. Too late. Do something now and escape.

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