Just Visiting

“We’re all just passing through”

In those quieter moments it’s possible to gain a sense of proportion. Sitting in the company of a waterfall, for example, awards you an understanding of the continuous and unceasing, cyclic nature, of life. This waterfall has been here for thousands of years. It will be here long after you and I are gone.

I suppose it’s why, when visiting such a place, people leave little trinkets or etch their names on small stones to leave at the edge of the stream. They want to feel there’s a solid and permanent reminder of their visit; a part of them that’s still there long after they’ve gone. Do we all feel this way? Do you feel there needs to be something of yourself still here after you’ve left?

“The drive to have children must be attached to this need”

There’s no doubt something of ourselves left behind through our children. In an ideal world this spreading of our genes, as it were, extends to many other aspects of our lives. Many people think this way: that our creativity goes way beyond having children. To this extent, we even describe something we’ve created – a successful business for example – as ‘our baby.’ We say: “yes my business is my baby.”

So it is important for us to think in these terms. Everything we create, be it a new human being or a creation of a more enduring nature, we must see these things as the evidence of our existence. Our time here is so brief, that leaving something of ourselves behind, has always been important to us. With this in mind, what would you like to leave behind? Your name scratched onto a pebble by a stream? A ribbon tied to a tree? Another human who is also destined to die?

There is one important piece of evidence that goes way beyond the physical. Yes, it’s that simple thing that often seems to go unnoticed. It’s that simple, yet challenging example, of being the best we can be. It’s the example of being a beautiful human being.

“How many people are there in your life you could easily describe as beautiful? And you know I’m not talking about outward appearances here”

Think of the stream and how, if we go back to it’s origins, we will be led to even greater things: Glaciers, mountains, clouds and beyond that, the universe itself. It’s the examples of ourselves, we leave behind, that are the most enduring. Be the best version of yourself, and then teach others, how you achieved it.