Endorsed by Whom?

“Products and services always seem to do so much better when they’re endorsed by a high achiever or someone famous don’t they?”

For example, if Tony Robbins stood up and said something like (and it’s important to imagine a loud gravelly voice here) “This book will change your life!” Would it increase the books chances of being bought? I reckon yes. By the way, if you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, he’s a terrifyingly over exuberant American author and life coach. Although he’d probably disagree. He likes to fuck with minds.

“It’s all the same isn’t it. If I wanted to sell a book about mountain climbing I’d need to get Ben Fogle, or the likes, to write me a forward”

The point is though, it’s so often the case that even though some products and services are endorsed by people we know or recognise, there’s no guarantee they’re actually going to do what it says on the tin. Endorsed or not we really do need to try these things out for ourselves. What works for one person may well have no effect on another.

“An endorsement by someone who knows what they’re talking about does mean we’re more likely to get value for money”

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Value for money. We also need to believe and trust that what’s being said will prove useful, true, and of real value. We want to know the product or service we’re experiencing has been endorsed by an ‘expert in the field.’ This creates trust; perhaps an illusion, but it’s there all the same.

“It’s my belief that trust is a fools game. Trust creates belief and we’ve trusted (believed in) some very dodgy people in the past have we not?

Belief, that has been formed through careful considered thought and questioning, is often a rarity, and an entirety different matter, to trust”

What exactly is the purpose of trust. Are we saying we believe in something or someone when we say we trust it? Take the drugs industry. How many of us blindly take drugs having no real proof of whether they work or not? Why do we blindly trust the person dispensing them? Time and time again we find that drugs haven’t actually been properly tested, and indeed may well be dangerous, to our health. Yet we keep doing it don’t we? We say: “Just take the pain away, make me better, make me whole again please.”

We unquestioningly trust and believe in drugs. We also believe and trust in those who prescribe and hand them out. We’ve undoubtedly been conditioned by a very wealthy and powerful industry to do so. How ever did this happen?

“Ultimately, the only endorsement you will ever really need, is your own”

If you’re going mountain climbing, or embarking on self development, finding books that have been endorsed by an ‘expert’ is advisable. We must remember though, the ‘expert’ on your life and future, will always end up being you alone. So buy the book, but remember; just because the likes of Oprah Winfrey – only needs to have farted on a book for it to have made a million – there’s no guarantee she’s understood it, or actually read it.

More than anything ‘experts’ in the field, have become this way, through reading books that weren’t necessarily endorsed by anyone. All they did, was find the courage to open up their minds, to something that challenged (didn’t endorse) their current thinking. Further to this, there are some books that it’s simply impossible to endorse; there’s literally no one sufficiently qualified, or experienced enough, to do so. I wonder how many of us consider this?

A final thought to leave you with: Think about those books written by men and endorsed by God. How the fuck did they get away with that one? But we trust and believe, don’t we? 

Take a chance. Embark on a journey that will change your life.

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