When Opportunity Comes Knocking

“Some of us are born with more opportunity than others”

Right place at the right time kind of thing. For example, if you’d been born into royalty, you’d have been offered the best education, the best food, the best of everything. As a royal, opportunity, certainly comes knocking.

The alternative is a life with few opportunities where everything can seem like a struggle. The average man is not offered the best of everything. Here in the UK if a person shows promise (intellectually) he or she might be offered a place at a grammar school. In fact, the government have recently increased funding to such schools, and there can be no objection to this. There’s some evidence to suggest pupils can just as easily be kept ‘down’ as well as brought ‘up’ by others. So, if you’re bright, you’ll more likely see opportunity coming your way.

Once again though, the alternative, is when we fail at the test for grammar school entry. This may be because we’re not academically inclined; not all of us are, however, it could also be that the education system isn’t suited to how our particular mind works. The way we think may differ to the majority. This difference is often flagged as being below average – or given some convoluted label – when the truth is, it could all be due to having ‘other’ things, on our mind.

“The home lives of many children are not what you would call conducive to being relaxed and focused”

There may be things missing or there might be inappropriate levels of stress present. Many kids are exposed to high levels of stress. This is often due to a spill over from the adults around them. Adult issues and worries can become those of the child too. When this is the case, opportunity, often passes them by.

When opportunities are offered many have the good sense to seize them. For example, if I was offered the opportunity of learning to fly a helicopter (for nothing other than my time), I’d grab at it with both hands. Have I been offered this? No, and so I won’t be taking my first lesson, anytime soon. If I really wanted to learn though, I’d find the money, and just get on with it. And here to the point, often, we need to be offered the opportunity before we take it. We need to have something placed in our laps before we consider it an option. It could be said, this is the difference between the haves, and the have knots.

“We must gain something from this understanding: the rest of us, who aren’t offered opportunity, need to get out there, find our driving, and create it for ourselves”

If you want to find and marry a beautiful gentle-man, or an attractive and joyful young woman, you’ll need to get out there and find one for yourself. Furthermore, if we want to learn to fly, we’ll need to understand, opening up our lives is achieved when we create our own opportunities. We must find the motivation and the means to succeed. You mightn’t be offered these opportunities on a plate, but the skill lies in recognising how we must seek them out, for ourselves. The talent, as they say, is in the choices.

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